The fresh start of a New Year is upon us! To kick off 2023 we’d like to offer some tips to our event staffers across North America on how to polish up their resumes. It maybe something many of us put off, but before the event season amps up is a great time to start! At Backwoods Promotions we thrive by combining our passions with our purpose, this includes those who are looking to break into the world of brand ambassadors! Here are three tips for creating the best resume for your applications into the event world...



1. Yes, write a cover letter.

Before you ever connect for an interview or call with a recruiter, your cover letter is the first document that crosses their desk. Since many applicants are applying for the same gig (or tour!) you need to stand out. Cover letters are a great way to make it personal, highlight your skillsets and intentions, and additionally can be an insight to your integrity and personality for the job! Make sure the cover letter is personal to the company you are applying to, and addressed to the company/contact person who listed the work. Make sure to sign off with a sincere yet positive signature—a cover letter is an extensions of your character—well, at least on paper.



2. Update your contact information and work history.

People move, we update our contact details such as phone and email often—make sure to keep this current on your resume. Are you someone open to travel? List the markets you can work locally, or availability you have for future programs. Changed roles recently? Developed a new skill? The past few years in each state and province have been evolving—and so have you! As long as you have skills or experience working in similar fields, i.e. customer service, hospitality, marketing, communications, or sales, then you have what it takes. You’ll want this section to reflect the name of the company worked for, and job duties. If you currently are a brand ambassador highlight the agency, the event, and brand that you represented. Diversification is a great skillset to have!



3. Keep it short and sweet.

 Keep your resume to one page as best you can. Your name, contact information, and objective statement should top the page as your initial information—and then work history (starting with most current) should begin the work experience portion body of the resume. A list of references can be created, however that should be a separate document that is provided to the recruiter if requested. Academic achievements should be listed at the end, noting any GPA, honors, or extracurricular achievements as well. If you are a recent graduate this area may be more detailed in lieu of a relevant work history. 


Interested in seeing if your resume has some room for improvement?

Feel free to email your most recent resume to with the subject line "New Year New Resume" and one of our staffing coordinators will reach out with some tips.

We hope everyone has an EPIC start to their 2023!