When a potential customer attends an event your company goal may be a sale that occurs on site, but what about after the show ends? Registering your target market with your company, also called lead generation, can be a great way to extend the customer relationship past a one time event. At Backwoods Promotions we supply event staff that excel at cultivating conversations with event attendees, assisting them with signing up, handing off interested guests to your company employees, and also passing along high value points of your brand. So let’s be transparent, what is lead generation and why does it matter?



Lead generation is often completed on a smart device or iPad by a guest who is visiting your booth, albeit with technology improvements now this can also be completed by QR codes in your booth. So, what are the components of a guest survey that matter to your brand? Essentially a registration, or survey, is a way to ask questions to your potential customer and vet their interest or opinion of your product. Frequently asked questions in a survey may include:


-What similar products do you already own?


-If you were to purchase this product in the future, when would it be?


-What components matter the most to you in your next purchase?


-What is your budget, or desired price range?


-What time frame do you plan on making your next purchase?


-Where do you enjoy making these purchase?


-How will you decide to purchase the next time you visit our company?


Essentially, you are inquiring your guest about their value systems within their future or current purchase. By understanding their time frame, budget, and qualities of interest/values your sales team can make the most positive connection with them in the future. So, how do you implement this? Distributing gifts with sign up or coupons are great ways to incentivize guests and repeat customers in the future—and attract attention from passer-bys!



When the goal of a company is lead generation our event staff can distribute branded giveaways that are like a “gift for signing up” to guests at an event. These giveaways are a great way to also have future customers walk away with something branded by your company. That keychain they walk away with? It make be one they use every day!




Backwoods Promotions specializes in adapting with our clients marketing plans as their goals adjust every year! Our top-notch staff are true enthusiasts of brands they represent. They build rapport with customers and spark conversations that develop into meaningful conversations about every brand and industry. When a customer interacts with one of our product demonstrators, brand ambassadors, or hostesses the initial impression is the most important one. The interest that an event attendee has in a product is only the beginning of the consumer relationship!


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