The Benefits of Hiring Promotional Staff and Brand Ambassadors

 After several requests, we’ve decided to post a blog article highlighting the importance of using promotional staff or brand ambassadors as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Sema Show Fox Girls

In order to activate your brand and connect with potential customers, it is key to create a marketing campaign that generates excitement and engagement around your key messaging. Through our work in the motorsports industry, we have realized that gone are the days where a logo on the side of a race car or on a billboard are enough to connect and engage with your key demographics. People want more.

So what does that mean for you? Well, it means you have to get creative in order to capture your audience and leave them with a feeling of closeness and connection with your brand. Experiential marketing helps with this (i.e. contests, promotions, games, interactive exhibits, digital media, etc), and this is something we can certainly help you create. However, what we really want to drive home is that it is one thing to have an awesome activation, but you also need to ensure you have a solid team involved to facilitate the activation properly. Using promotional staff are necessary to engage face-to-face with customers, share their own personal experiences with the brand, provide information, and ensure customers have a great experience while in a booth or at an event.

Promotional staff can consist of models, brand ambassadors, hosts/hostesses and more. They are skilled at using promotional strategies to strengthen the customer-product/service relationship and encourage clientele to buy and consume larger quantities of product. Generally, they are considered the dynamic, outgoing, energetic face of your brand!

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Here are some benefits of hiring promotional staff: 

1) Enhance Customer Experience:

-There is a close relationship between an individuals direct experience with a brand and how well they connect and resonate with that brand. Creating a positive and engaging customer experience often starts at initial contact. Companies who use promotional staff to greet customers in a friendly, welcoming manner tend to receive higher ratings of customer satisfaction.

2) Increase Sales

-Companies that use promotional staff or brand ambassadors not only increase distribution of promotional materials, but the heightened customer satisfaction and engagement also leads directly to increased sales.

-Using promotional staff to demonstrate how a product works, or talk about the benefits of a product or service can also increase sales simply by providing a customer with the knowledge they need to make an influenced decision.

3) Save Money

-Paying travel, accommodations and wages for company staff can be quite costly, so promotional staff are often used in place or to support company representatives at events.

-Most of the time, it is not difficult to find promotional staff who are local or within driving distance of an event. Some companies may choose to hire a team of promotional staff for a set contract to travel while promoting their brand, and so these costs must be factored in; however, they are still generally less than paying full-time company staff.

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Once You Go Backwoods, You’ll Never Go Back!

5 Reasons Why We Have so Many Repeat Clients

By: Jess Kline

There is no doubt that the market is saturated with promotional staffing agencies. We continually hear from our clients about how many e-mails and calls they receive on a regular basis from staffing agencies, and how this sometimes leads to frustration on their part (hey – we’ve been there! Securing new clients has to start somewhere). It’s a great industry to be involved in, which is why we love it so much. However, there is certainly a lot of competition and it takes a great deal of hard work, perseverance and dedication to maintain consistency over time, build a solid reputation, and earn the respect of clients.

IMG_0203 (2)
We’re proud to work with a great company like Ski-Doo!

From the beginning, we have continually boasted that ‘we aren’t your typical promo agency’ and to this day, we stick to that testament. Afterfive years in business, we have remained Canada’s only agency that specializes in motorsports event staffing. Don’t believe us? Google it! Our core team is built from ambassadors who live the Backwoods lifestyle – they snowmobile, race motorcycles, work on cars, hunt, fish, and more, and they have surrounded themselves in the motorsports, automotive and outdoors industries that they love. While our team is our biggest strength, we also know what it takes to earn respect in the industry.

Red Bull Snow Boundaries

In a previous blog, it was written that “Racing is our roots, Backwoods is our name, and Jessica and her team are proud to carry the torch and build on a name that started out with wrenching on a car, in a garage, out in the Backwoods”. Click here to read the full article.

With everything we do here at Backwoods Promotions, we keep in mind our core values and roots. I’ve been in the industry for many years, and regularly jump on a motorcycle, snowmobile, boat (anything with a motor, really) because that’s where my passion lies. We don’t just promote the motorsports industry – we LIVE IT.

Jess - Kawasaki Vulcan
Cruising for a ride on a Kawasaki Vulcan

Here at Backwoods Promotions, we tend to operate with the ‘old school’ mentality of business, which can be hard to find these days. Who said that just because it’s 2017, we can no longer shake hands when we close a deal, get to know people directly rather than hiding behind a screen, give back when we can, and be honest and upfront about what we can and cannot do for you? At the end of the day, we are all human and trying to accomplish the same thing. Let’s promote the sports we love, support our race teams, and make money at the same time!

Fox Shox

In talking with staff, clients and industry partners, we wanted to share 5 reasons why our business model has worked in retaining so many of our clients. For those of you reading, we look forward to working with you in the future, whether you become one of our repeat clients, join our team of amazing staff, or support one of our teams!

1) We’ve Found Our Niche

Simply put – we GET the motorsports and outdoors industries, and we get what it takes to connect with fans and consumers at events. The difference is evident – when you hire brand ambassadors who have used your product, understand your brand, and have direct experience in the industry, then your clients and customers have a greater appreciation and respect for your company and products.

2) Personal Service & Relationships

Being a smaller agency has its benefits. We get to know our clients, and have built ongoing relationships over the years. We take pride in offering personal service and getting to know our clients, their business, and families. We’ve even gotten together with some for motorcycle or snowmobile rides. You certainly learn a lot about someone once you’ve gone riding with them!

3) Affordable Rates

We get it. Times can be tough, and there needs to be a fine balance between dollars spent and return of investment. We always try our best to offer affordable rates, and work with the budget you have. Our team is equipped to offer tools and suggestions for maximizing lead generation, enhancing sales, and engaging with clients so you get the best bang for your buck!

4) We Give Back

Mentoring children and supporting women in motorsports is very near and dear to our hearts. Throughout the year, we give back by supporting a few teams and causes who have reached out to us for assistance.

5) Strong Presence

Firstly, our social media presence rocks. Secondly, we’re usually at motorsports and outdoors events regardless of whether we are contracted to work there or not. Again, we don’t just promote the motorsports industry – we live it. That’s why we regularly attend shows, events, races, and network with our clients, fellow staff members, athletes and more. We have met many of our clients from simply attending events, and that continued presence in the motorsports and outdoors industries have set us aside from other staffing agencies.

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[UPDATE] Sema Show 2017



After a year of planning of planning, and in just a few days, Sema Show 2017 came and went like a whirlwind! Our team members working with Fox Shox stood out in the Ford out Front area, not only because of their noticeable orange and grey grid girl outfits, but also because of their outgoing personalities and ever lasting smiles. Numerous event attendees and vendors stopped to take pictures with the Fox Girls, and chat with company representatives about Fox’s newest products. The event was a success for our client!

To book models for SEMA SHOW 2018, send a request HERE.