So You Want to Join the Backwoods Team?

There’s no doubt there are A LOT of different event staffing agencies out there. While we recognize the difficulties for promo staff and brand ambassadors in securing consistent work for themselves, we feel the need to clarify and remind applicants why we are different, and what sets us aside from other agencies. Of course we attend many of the same events, and work with similar clients; however it is the foundation that our agency was built on that makes us so different and unique and is why we have so many repeat clients.

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Backwoods Promo Team

In short, Backwoods Promotions, was created to offer specialized staffing services for companies involved in the motorsports, automotive and outdoors agencies. We look specifically to hire staff who share a passion and have a strong knowledge base of these industries. Many of our team members hunt, fish, ride ATV’s, race snowmobiles, and have a true passion for motorsports and the outdoors. We look for those dynamic individuals who live the Backwoods lifestyle to work for our team and our clients. Our focus is on building relationships with our team members in order to foster loyalty and mutual trust.

Are you interested in joining our team? Like many other staffing agencies, we suggest you take these steps before you apply:

  • Research the company – it’s always best practice to learn about the company you are applying to join. Check out their website and social media links, learn a bit more about what type of events and clients they have, and the type of staff they might look to hire.
  • Create a solid application – many agencies use a third party booking software program to process staff applications. We suggest you take the time to fill in as much information as possible to ensure you have the best chance to be approved to join our roster. Applicants are not automatically approved to join our team, and are only able to view jobs once they have been approved. For us, we look for a resume, information about your previous work experience, and information about your interest/experience with motorsports or the outdoors. If this information is missing, applications are often declined.
  • Read the job posting clearly! – Most agencies provide very clear instructions on how to apply to join their roster and/or apply for a specific job. Sending an e-mail or message requesting information already listed in the job description is frustrating for managers. Make sure you read the job posting clearly and follow the application instructions that have been provided.

For tips on how to become a brand ambassador, click HERE. 

We hope these tips are helpful, and also provide information on what we look for from our team members. Good luck with your application, we look forward to reviewing it!

~ Backwoods Management