2016 Snowmobile Show Season Wraps Up!

As the snow starts to fly, it comes time for snowmobile show season to wind down to allow snowmobilers everywhere to enjoy the goodies they purchased. After a whirlwind schedule consisting of fourteen shows from East Coast to West, and everywhere in between, it’s time for us to switch over to motorcycle show and boat shows. However, first we wanted to reflect on the snowmobile show season that embraced our team, consisting of over fifty staff at shows in nine different states, and four provinces.



We always enjoy working at snowmobile shows, and after five years in the event staffing business (three of those working with Ski-Doo), we are continually humbled and reminded how close the snowmobile industry really is. While our staff have had some very specific job duties to complete at these shows (ranging from sales, to lead generation, product demonstration and more), what really stands out to us is the people we meet and stories they share.

Snowmobiling is so much more than just an activity. To many people, it’s an opportunity to connect with close friends and family, travel to places they may not be able to access without the use of a snowmobile, and share once in a lifetime experiences. Many of our staff snowmobile, and live the lifestyle we promote. So, we’re able to connect on a personal level with guests at snowmobile shows. That is what sets us apart, and that is why year after year we continue to book repeat clients.

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We would like to extend a big thank you to our team members who worked hard to ensure each show was a success, and also to our clients for their loyalty and dedication to the industry. -Jessica Kline