How to Become a Brand Ambassador 101

By: Jessica Kline

There’s no doubt that the world of events and promotions is a great one! What could be better than getting out to fun events, meeting new people, and promoting the products and services you love?! We are often asked by new applicants or people at events how they can get involved. So, here are our top five tips for becoming a brand ambassador:

1) No Experience? Get some!

Most of our clients request staff with previous experience working promotions. If you are new to the brand ambassador world, you might need to volunteer at a few events to get your feet wet, and to get some experience on your resume. There are lots of events that look for volunteers, so start researching or contact us for suggestions! Make sure you build strong relationships so you can rely on event organizers, managers or co-workers to provide a reference for you when requested.

Volunteer to gain experience!

2) Live the Lifestyle

We love lifestyle brand ambassadors! If you share a passion for the industry, products and company you promote, then it will certainly not go unnoticed. Since we specialize in motorsports and outdoors event staffing, we continually look for staff who are passionate about these industries. Be you, be authentic, and promote what you love. It’s that easy!

Felicia - FMSQ
Our team member, Felicia!

3) Your Application is Everything!

We often receive applications that are incomplete, have minimal information or spelling errors. Take time to review your application before submitting it to ensure your resume is in the proper format, that there are no spelling errors or incomplete information. If you are given an entire space to write freely in, then use it! Tell us why you should be hired, and why you would be a great addition to the team. This will demonstrate that you care about the position you are applying for and truly want to work for our team! Sell yourself, your skills, and PLEASE share your most recent, best pictures that give us a good idea of who you are. Group pictures, shots from a far distance or pictures involving alcohol, drugs, or of you from five years ago are not acceptable. Keep in mind that our application allows you to upload dozens of pictures, so go above and beyond the three picture minimum to tell us who you are and what you like. We LOVE to see pictures of our staff riding dirt bikes, fishing, snowmobiling and more!

Apply online
Double check your application for errors

4) Brand Yourself

Build your presence online! Staffing agencies look to hire staff with strong social media presence so they can act as influencers or online brand ambassadors if needed. Make sure your social media content is consistent, build your following and keep in mind that if you choose to share your social media links, most companies do not look too favorably on inappropriate posts or updates.

Social Media Influencer
Network to build your brand!

5) Build Relationships

We can’t stress enough how important it is to research staffing agencies, network with people and build relationships. This business is all about relationships. For us, it’s about building a connections with our staff, who in turn can build one with the brand and clients who hire us. We want to get to know our staff, and in turn, we want them to get to know us. Make sure you research the staffing agency you are interested in working for to ensure they treat staff with respect and pay on time. There should be mutual respect and trust between staff and the staffing agency they work for.

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