[NEWS] Epic Snowmobile Adventure Continues in Ontario

Mountain Freerider to Join Trail Rider in the Province’s Top Secret Boondocking Location

Toronto, On (January 25, 2016) – Last season, motorsports enthusiast, Jessica Kline, journeyed to the Western big mountains with sponsored freerider, Stephanie Santeford, to give mountain snowmobiling a try. The adventure focused on avalanche awareness, supporting women riders, and educating new mountain riders about how to prepare for a mountain riding trip.

Now, the tables turn as Santeford joins Kline on their next ‘Epic Snowmobile Adventure’ to experience trail riding and boondocking – Ontario Style. The duo will connect with Jones Powersports in March 2016 to explore the Algoma back country, including several Top Secret Boondocking locations.

Top Secret Boondocking Location

Boondocking skills will be tested on the 2016 Polaris 800 Pro RMK and 800 SKS, which will offer a good opportunity for riders to experience both on-trail and off-trail riding. The pair are looking forward to experiencing Northern Ontario hospitality, connecting with the locals, and testing out their riding skills on different terrain.

The adventure will be covered by numerous media outlets, including NorthernOntario.travel, Snowmobile.com and more. There will also be extensive online coverage via social media pages and blogs using the #BoondockOntario hashtag.

Special thanks to the following partners for their support of this project: Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership, Algoma Country, Municipality of Wawa, Polaris Snowmobiles, Jones Powersports.

For more information, visit: 

Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership                        www.northernontario.travel/snowmobiling  #whataride

Algoma Country                                                                                                      www.sled.algomacountry.com  #algomacountry

Municipality of Wawa                                                                                        www.topsecretboondocking.com

Polaris                                                                                                                                    www.polaris.com/en-ca/snowmobiles

Jones Power Sports                                                                                                      www.jonespowersports.com

Stephanie Santeford, backcountry freerider                                                         www.facebook.com/savvystefi                                                                                                           @savvystefi

Jessica Kline, motorsports blogger                                                        www.northernontario.travel/blog/jessica-kline                                                                      @bwg_jess



Hard Work Pays Off – Confessions of a Sled Girl

By: Sasha Bodie

As a child, I was always taught by my parents that hard work pays off, and to never give up. That parental advice has guided me along the way as I have grown from a young kid who was always getting in trouble, to a young woman with a mission to live life to its fullest potential.

Sled Girl Sasha

Growing up in rural Manitoba, I always wanted to ride something with an engine, whether it was my Honda XL 175 in the summer, or my 1970 Arctic Cat Lynx 292 in the winter. My dad was constantly fixing these machines, because I was always trying to challenge myself (and in the process I may have broken a part or two). The adrenaline rush I got from these machines was addictive, and little did I know at that time, my craving for that rush was only going to grow.

Over the years, my addiction to snowmobiling has grown not only because it’s so exciting and has endless possibilities, but ultimately because being a supporter of the sport is a completely surreal experience. My goal is to encourage others to go out every day and share their love and passion for snowmobiling. There are so many aspects of riding a sled that make you want to do bigger and better things!

Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. I believe this sentiment wholeheartedly, but realize that results can sometimes take time, patience, and of course hard work.

Love my new FXR Racing Mono Suit!
Love my new FXR Racing Mono Suit!

Like many of you reading this article, I work hard at my full-time job, house renovations, and also at the shop wrenching on snowmobiles. Often times, with a job or house it’s easy to physically see your hard work paying off simply because it’s right in front of you changing daily; however with your sled you don’t.

That’s when I stepped back and started to take a different look at sledding. Now I want to tell you something from the bottom of my heart: Don’t ever get discouraged! Life can throw you curve balls but you have to always get back on your feet and work hard! Now here are some hard work tips that helped me throughout my journey:

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North American International Motorcycle Supershow Starts this Weekend!

Since 2013, Backwoods Promotions has been the primary staffing agency used and recommended by the North American International Motorcycle Supershow, located at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.


This year, the show, held January 8-10th, is expected to attract over 50,000 motorcycle enthusiasts who are eager to check out the newest models, accessories, and deals. In addition, the show offers live stunt shows, and celebrity appearances by Paul Teutal Jr., Horny Mike from Counting Cars, and Canadian Superbike Champion Jordan Szoke, among many others.


Our Backwoods Promo team members will be working with: Inside Motorcycles Magazine / MX & Off-Road Magazine, Joe Rocket Canada (in the GP Bikes booth), and the show itself. We look forward to seeing you there. For more information, including a $3 off admission coupon, click HERE.