There’s been a YETI sighting in the Pacific Northwest!

By: Jill Morris Chapman

Have you ever seen a YETI up close?  I have and it was fabulous.   On, November 6 and 7 the annual SLEDFILM event was held in Bend, Oregon and I had the pleasure of attending with a large group of snowmobile peeps.  Nine years ago, SLEDFILM came into existence in response to actions taken by groups who wanted to see riding areas in Oregon closed to motorized usage.


Ben Hansen, along with his wife Christi and children Chelsea and Ryan, decided to recognize the snowmobile movies that were coming out every year, while at the same time raise money to support local groups that were fighting to keep riding areas open.  The fight continues each year and so does this event.  It has grown to an all weekend, family affair.  A few years ago, they decided to expand the event to include the YETI awards which recognize some of the outstanding backcountry riders and movies in the industry.  It has rapidly grown into one of the premier western snowmobile events of the fall pre-season.

Brandy Floyd and Yeti (PC: Kat Rudolph)
Brandy Floyd and Yeti (PC: Kat Rudolph)

Brandy Floyd was awarded the Pink Yeti award as the outstanding female rider of the year.  Not only is she a great mountain rider, she has also been a trailblazer for women in snowmobiling everywhere.   Brandy started the first Ladies Ride 15 years ago in McCall, Idaho and has now moved it to Halfway, Oregon.  This event brings together woman with a common love of snowmobiling for a weekend of shredding fun.  These ladies gain confidence, receive encouragement and make some lifelong friends.  Brandy is always pushing herself as a rider and will be taking on the new industry trend and will be riding a snow bike this year.  Yeti picked a good one when he came out of the woods to recognize her.

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It’s Mine! There Are Many Like it, but This One Is Mine

By: Jill Morris Chapman

I remember as a young girl pouring over the Sears and Roebucks catalog with my brother every fall for hours.  We would discuss and debate what the best Christmas gifts would be and what should be at the top of our wish lists.   We would hand the catalog back to our parents with the cover worn, the pages dog eared and the items we wanted circled and starred, all in a quest for the perfect gift.

This year, now that I’m not such a young girl, I poured over the internet, talked to my industry friends, read magazines and even took a few test drives, all in a quest for the perfect new snowmobile.

Jill Morris
My current sled with all its glorious personalization (PC Stephanie Santeford)

The choices are a bit overwhelming: Polaris?  Artic Cat?  Yamaha? Ski Doo?  600?  800? 155? 163? And that’s just for starters.  My advice?  Choose what works for you.  Not for your boyfriend, not your husband, not even your best girlfriend or your favorite sled film rider.  Take the time to learn what all those numbers mean.  How much horsepower is enough?  I went with the 800 motor.  I want the power when I need it, even if I don’t always use it all.  How long should your track be?  Which model should I pick?  First think about the type of riding that you do and the type of riding that you want to do.  Are you spending most of your time on the trail or ripping up the mountain side?  I ride the mountains and I hope to stay up on top of the snow most of the time.  I picked the Polaris Axys with the 163 track. The brand debate is endless.  I believe that the Big 4 all put out good sleds.  I went with a Polaris, mainly of the service and customer support I get from Brian and Roxanne at Mile High Power Sports. Bottom line, when I break my sled, and I will, I want it fixed here at home, fast and by people I trust.

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