Backwoods Promotions to Partner with the Ride Like a Girl Program


Laminacorr Racing

Backwoods Promotions is thrilled to announce our support of the ‘Ride Like a Girl’ program, created by Laminacorr Racing. The contingency program was designed to support, encourage and empower female off-road racers in Canada. The program provides funds to the top three racers in Ladies A classes across thirty race events in Canada. CLICK HERE to learn more.

We will be working with Laminacorr Racing to promote the program during the upcoming season. This partnership made perfect sense given our shared goals and values to promote women in the motorsports industry.

Over the years, we have supported a number of female-based initiatives, including: International Female Ride Day (motorcycle), MX Girls Calendar, Annual Ladies Ride (snowmobile), the #RaceCarByAva project and more. One of our team members, Felicia Robichaud, is a member of Laminacorr Racing and brought home a silver medal for Team Canada at IDSE Argentina last year. We couldn’t be more proud and excited to support Felicia and this new program under the Laminacorr Racing umbrella.

Additional news about the program can be found on the MX and Off Road Magazine website.


Where Did the Backwoods Name Come From?

Our typical response to this question is often a simple one; we love promoting Backwoods market events. There’s nothing like racing on a dirt track, catching big air on a snowmobile or reeling in a huge muskie while out fishing… but there is actually a deeper meaning behind our name. This is a question we are asked often, and so we (well Jessica, really) decided to share some of her background with you all to give you a better understanding of how Backwoods Promo got its name.

Backwoods Jess

Let’s reverse back about twenty years or so to a small town in Ontario, Canada, where a younger Jessica spent a good portion of her time hanging out in the garage with her father. She did not realize it then, but her time spent helping Dad wrench on cars and motorcycles would have a profound impact on her life years later.

Backwoodz Racing

It was in this garage, out in the Backwoods, where a race team was born. With a background in drag racing, Jessica’s father decided to get out on the dirt track. He compiled a team of hard working, knowledgeable people who helped build a sportsman division car with a 350 Chevrolet V8 engine. They later switched to racing in the mod stock division, and ended up winning the first feature race of the season.

Over the course of ten years, this race team worked through blood, sweat, tears and sheer determination to earn thirteen feature wins. They also placed third in points standings several years in a row. Those third-place trophies are proudly displayed in a case in that same garage where it all started, where a race team got the name ‘Backwoodz Race Team’.

Backwoodz Race Team

Years later, Jessica’s Dad looked at a blown up copy of the new Backwoods Promotions logo, and with a choked back voice, he said, “Wow, this right here makes me proud”. You see, Backwoods is more than a name or a logo. For us, it represents a history of hard work, determination and perseverance.

Racing is our roots, Backwoods is our name, and Jessica and her team are proud to carry the torch and build on the name that started out with wrenching on a car, in a garage, out in the Backwoods.

Backwoodz Race Team