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The Benefits of Hiring Promotional Staff and Brand Ambassadors

After several requests, we’ve decided to post a blog article highlighting the importance of using promotional staff or brand ambassadors as part of your overall marketing strategy.


In order to activate your brand and connect with potential customers, it is key to create a marketing campaign that generates excitement and engagement around your key messaging. Through our work in the motorsports industry, we have realized that gone are the days where a logo on the side of a race car or on a billboard are enough to connect and engage with your key demographics. People want more.

So what does that mean for you? Well, it means you have to get creative in order to capture your audience and leave them with a feeling of closeness and connection with your brand. Experiential marketing helps with this (i.e. contests, promotions, games, interactive exhibits, digital media, etc), and this is something we can certainly help you create. However, what we really want to drive home is that it is one thing to have an awesome activation, but you also need to ensure you have a solid team involved to facilitate the activation properly. Using promotional staff are necessary to engage face-to-face with customers, share their own personal experiences with the brand, provide information, and ensure customers have a great experience while in a booth or at an event.

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Reach For the Stars: Six-Year-Old Ava Meets Her Role Model and Gets the Surprise of a Lifetime

Last weekend, Backwoods Promotions worked with Canada’s Best Racing Team to bring a little girls dream come true. Working closely with the team, Jessica Kline of Backwoods Promotions, helped create a widely publicized story around six-year-old Ava, and the design she created for Erica Thiering’s new NASCAR race car. The full news story on City News Toronto can be viewed HERE.

PC: Gary Grant

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[NEW TEAM MEMBER] Welcome to Niki Taylor


Niki Taylor is an avid motorsports enthusiast who grew up riding motorcycles. She has been snowmobiling for two years now and is learning quickly from professional athlete and ‘partner in crime’, Brett Turcotte.

As someone who is well connected to, and understands the motorsports industry well, it made perfect sense for Backwoods Promotions to add Niki to their growing team.

Niki will be working closely with the Backwoods management team in order to continue expanding services to motorsports and outdoors events across North America! Welcome to the team Niki, we’re excited to have you on board!